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My neighbour’s cattle are eating my harvests
Facts of the case: Dawie planted maize. The fence of his neighbour, Piet, is in a poor condition and his cattle worm their way through and eat the maize. Over the years there have been several confrontations about this. In a case like this the first step would be to approach the neighbour personally to  ... Read more
Can a crime become prescribed and no longer be prosecuted?
According to Section 18(1) of the Criminal Procedures Act, no 52 of 1977, criminal offences do become prescribed. All criminal offences are prescribed 20 years from the date on which the crime was committed, except where the act stipulates otherwise. However, there are exceptions to this section. Exceptions include the following: – murder, – high  ... Read more
Unfair dismissal and reinstatement
By Mynie Kriek Question: My employer dismissed me without having followed any pre-dismissal procedures. When I referred a dispute of unfair dismissal to the CCMA, my employer offered to reinstate me in order to rectify the pre-dismissal process. Is this lawful, and how will it affect my unfair dismissal case? The set of facts in  ... Read more
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