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    How to amend your will
    Sanette Viljoen Your will is your last wish regarding the way in which you want your assets to be managed after your death. However, there are times when you would like to amend your will. You may for example have a child and want to include him/her in your will. You may have accrued more  ... Read more
    New provision on interest-free loans to a trust
    Sanette Viljoen In the past many people moved some of their assets to a family trust and financed the disposal by means of an interest-free loan in their own names. However, some tax amendments have now been introduced that will have unfavourable tax consequences for such persons regarding these interest-free loans. A new section 7C  ... Read more
    Final warning for 1st offence? Here’s your options
    Gibbs du Toit My employer recently issued me with a final written warning for absenteeism. I feel that this warning was unreasonable as I have never committed any disciplinary offence with the employer in my two years of service. I have communicated with the employer to try and explain that my child was sick and  ... Read more
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