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Mom goes to prison for not protecting her daughter
By Sanette Viljoen Courts regularly impose sentences with the aim of having them act as deterrents. However, they have no value if the sentences do not receive any publicity. Following are only a few of the recent sentences relating to rape: –           A 55-year-old man was charged with attempted murder after he had raped his  ... Read more
Upon resignation,should I be given an service certificate?
According to section 42 of the Basic Conditions for Employment Act, the employer must issue a service certificate to the employee at the time when the service is terminated. The service certificate must hold the following information: Full names of the employee. Name and address of the employer. A description of any collective agreement by  ... Read more
When can I go on maternity leave?
Maternity leave is regulated by section 25 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. This specific section regulates the amount of leave a woman is entitled to, as well as when such leave should commence. In terms of this section a woman is entitled to four consecutive months of unpaid maternity leave. Therefore, the employer  ... Read more
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