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Tuesday | 14 January | 2020 Am I obliged to help the police in their investigations?

By Sanette Viljoen Am I obliged to help the SAPS in their investigations? To what extent am I obliged to help? As a general rule you have no obligation to help by reporting crime and literally putting yourself forward. The only exception to this rule is section 41 of the Criminal Procedure Act, which makes  … Read more

Tuesday | 07 January | 2020 How to become the legal owner of a firearm

By Dr Eugene Brink While it is fairly easy in countries like the USA to obtain a firearm, there are strict procedures to be followed in South Africa to become the owner of a firearm. It is, after all, a dangerous object to own and therefore owners must be very competent so that firearms do  … Read more

Tuesday | 07 January | 2020 Visiting rights of a father who is not paying maintenance

By Sanette Viljoen Johnny is 17 and in a relationship with an older woman. The woman falls pregnant and it is accepted that Johnny is the father. However, Johnny is young and unemployed. He has no form of income and is still living with his parents. The woman refuses Johnny visiting rights to his child,  … Read more

Tuesday | 07 January | 2020 Am I obliged to report a crime?

By Sanette Viljoen Example: John walks down the road and sees a break-in at one of the houses. Is John obliged to report the crime? This question is regularly asked by the public. No person, in general terms, is obliged to report a crime. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. A broad distinction can  … Read more

Tuesday | 17 December | 2019 The risk of running over a beggar at a traffic light

By Sanette Viljoen Nowadays there are beggars at just about every traffic light. What are your rights should you run over such a person if, for instance, you have to swing out for other cars and do not see this person? Some of these beggars sit on the round and somebody in a 4×4 does  … Read more

Thursday | 12 December | 2019 Testator’s prerogative: Must my children inherit?

By Sanette Viljoen Families regularly fight about a will. There are few things that can devastate a family like an estate or a will. In this article we will look at an interesting case about exactly such a dispute. This case was never reported, but enjoyed a lot of interest in the media. The story  … Read more

Monday | 09 December | 2019 The new debt relief bill: How does it affect you?

By Essie Bester The new debt relief bill signed by President Cyril Ramaphosa in August is aimed at protecting low-income earners. Experts warn, however, that it could hold a financial risk for the economy and consumers. Although the basic principle of offering poor South Africans some debt relief is welcomed, Cas Coovadia, managing director of  … Read more

Tuesday | 03 December | 2019 Must a will meet all the requirements to be valid?

By Sanette Viljoen Wills are very important. Serious family feuds can be prevented with a proper will. The cost to consult a professional person to draw up your will is much less than the drawn-out cost of a court case regarding an incomprehensible and unprofessional will. In this article we look at the court case  … Read more

Monday | 02 December | 2019 Information patient should have before agreeing to treatment

By Sanette Viljoen There have been quite a number of court cases recently about medical negligence. In many of these cases the issue of informed consent came up. The real obligation of doctors and the rights of medical staff and their patients are taken to court again and again for consideration. This concept is also  … Read more

Monday | 02 December | 2019 May I sue if I know the debt has already prescribed?

By Sanette Viljoen May I sue for debt that has already prescribed on the basis that the debtor must put forward the prescription argument? It is important to understand the concept of prescription. Every time the debtor pays an instalment on the debt, acknowledges the debt, make a promise to pay or is summonsed, the  … Read more

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