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May anybody deprive me of unhindered possession?
Spoliation order By Sanette Viljoen There is a legal rule in our law called a spoliation order. This remedy tries to prevent people from taking the law into their own hands. The common law stipulates that I may bring an application if anybody has despoiled my rights. In an article Advocate Gustav Pienaar explains that:  ... Read more
Effect of an indemnity in an e-mail
By Sanette Viljoen In many cases a long, drawn-out section in fine print appears at the bottom of an e-mail. Usually no-one reads it. Often it contains complicated terminology which indemnifies the sender against this and that. The question is: What is the value thereof? E-mail indemnity has become such a tedious routine that most  ... Read more
Claim for negligence against doctor or hospital, at no cost
By Sanette Viljoen Most people think it is practically impossible to lodge a claim for medical negligence against a doctor, specialist or hospital due to the fact that is very expensive and almost unaffordable. It is important to take into account that medical law represents an extremely specialised area of the law. Lawyers and advocates  ... Read more
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