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Protection from the CCMA
Do I enjoy protection from the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) when I work for myself and invoice clients?   The advice given is based on the differences in the definition of an employee and an independent contractor: In terms of Section 213 of the Labour Relations Act (No 66 of 1995), an  ... Read more
Criminal slander vs a civil claim for slander
By Sanette Viljoen One can bring a criminal claim for slander, but you can also bring a civil claim for slander. What is the difference between these two approaches? The most important difference lies in the burden of proof that rests on the state to prove criminal slander without reasonable doubt, while in a civil  ... Read more
What must stay when I sell my house?
By Sanette Viljoen Buyers and sellers regularly disagree about the fixtures on fixed property. This article will try to explain the basic principles of what qualifies as fixtures and what not. The leading authority on this is the case of Macdonald Ltd v Radin NO and the Potchefstroom Dairies and Industries 1915 AD 454. This  ... Read more
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