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    Damage: A stone from a lawn mower strikes my car
    Sanette Viljoen One often sees workers mowing grass beside the road. Who bears the risk if one of those lawn mowers should fling up a stone that strikes a car or a person? In this case we look at possible negligence and whether adequate precautions were taken to prevent it. The North Gauteng Supreme Court  ... Read more
    When is it legal to take over vehicle instalments?
    Sanette Viljoen Facts: Peter loses his job and can no longer afford the instalments on his vehicle. He sees an advertisement in a newspaper by an agent who advertises that he takes over vehicle instalments. Peter queries the agent about this, who informs him that he has buyers who will take over the instalments and  ... Read more
    May I replace my attorney and how do I do it?
    Sanette Viljoen There could be several reasons why a person would want to change attorneys. However, it should be done with caution. In this article we are going to explain briefly what should be taken into consideration and how to go about it if you want to change attorneys. Here are some of the reasons  ... Read more
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