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Absolute liability for damage caused by your personnel
By Sanette Viljoen Facts: A business owner is advised by his short-term insurance broker to take out a policy to protect him against claims brought against him for his employees’ negligence. The owner, however, feels that it is not his responsibility if his employees cause other people damage, so why should he pay for special  ... Read more
Legal rule applicable when marrying abroad
By Sanette Viljoen In these modern times getting married abroad is very popular. What is the legal position if a South African gets married in another country. The problem is that this beautiful romantic wedding explodes in the parties’ faces when it comes to divorce or the death of one of the parties, with the  ... Read more
Claim for damages against neighbour for a runaway veld fire
By Sanette Viljoen In the recent case MTO Forestry v Swart (420/2016) [2017] ZASCA 57 the landowner, whose plantation burned down after a fire spread from his neighbour’s land and destroyed his entire plantation, lodged a claim. The fire started on a section of the neighbour’s land that was covered with dense exotic shrubs that were  ... Read more
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