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    What to do to privately prosecute?
    Question: “In 2016 my son was assaulted in ‘n bar, however the state decided not to prosecute the particular person. Lately I’ve heard a lot in the news about private prosecution. How does it work?” Answer: While a large percentage of the South African public only recently heard of private prosecution, it is not a  ... Read more
    Beware the suspensive conditions in OTP
    Question: “I’ve made a written offer on property that has been accepted by the seller. The offer was subject to the condition that I acquire a mortgage from a bank for the full purchase price within 30 days. I received a mortgage quotation from a bank and notified the seller that I will accept it.  ... Read more
    Paternity leave in a nutshell
    Leandri Engelbrecht Various rumours and stories are going around regarding the paternity leave to which a prospective father is entitled. The South African labour law does not specifically provide for this type of leave. Section 27 of the Basic Conditions of Service Act (Act 75 of 1997) does, however, create a right to family responsibility  ... Read more
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