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How is accrual calculated in the event of a divorce?
By Sanette Viljoen In South Africa persons may enter into marriage in three different ways: In community of property: Parties have a combined estate. Out of community of property: Parties have separate estates. Out of community of property with the accrual dispensation: The parties have two separate estates, the same as prior to the marriage.  ... Read more
  The year 2018 is drawing to a close, and as we look back over the years we see how we planted and watered the seeds of confidence, safety and freedom, and how they have grown and produced numerous successes. We planted and watered, and God has given growth. This year, the Labour Court Division  ... Read more
What is meant by arbitrary grounds?
Section 6(1) of the Employment Equity Act (No 55 of 1998) [EEA] prohibits unfair discrimination. This includes discrimination based on gender, age, religion, marital status, race, social background, illness, disability, pregnancy, ethnicity, nationality, political convictions, membership of organisations such as trade unions, sexual orientation and arbitrary grounds. As far as arbitrary grounds are concerned, proof  ... Read more
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